Marginalised or vulnerable communities

In considering marginalised or vulnerable communities certain issues arise that may affect the level of burden or limit the benefit for participants. The range of considerations will vary according to the distinctive vulnerabilities of the evaluation participants. Some example scenarios are outlined below:

  • Socioeconomic disadvantage - this may affect the degree to which incentives are offered. It may be suitable to factor in costs associated with the evaluation such as travel costs or parking when recruiting persons with low income. Participants may also receive vouchers or other reasonable incentives for their time.
  • Chronic disease or disability - this will vary depending on the nature of the condition or disability. For example, some chronic conditions will fluctuate (e.g. physical pain) while other conditions (e.g. intellectual disability) may be more constant (NHMRC, 2007). All effort should be taken to minimise burden, discomfort or stress for participants