Templates for informed consent

Informed consent can be given verbally, written or implied. If you will be collecting qualitative data or stories from your participants we suggest that processes are developed to track informed consent from the start of your project. Gaining consent is also not a one off event for an evaluation report, if you are collecting personal information and you wish to use this for purposes other than outlined in the consent process, we suggest you consult with your participants.

We have supplied an example of a Participant information statement and associated Consent form for the purpose of written consent. There is also a template to obtain written consent in a focus group. You can add in your logo and edit the details to suit your project. We have also provided an example template for permission from people in a focus group.

Consent can also be given verbally. In this instance we recommend you read out the main points of the information statement in a language that is understood by the participant and record verbal consent at the start of the audio recording.