Sharing your evaluation findings

After doing the hard work collecting and analysing data you want to make sure your key evaluation findings are communicated and utilised. Many professional reports are too long, dense and contain a lot of jargon. This can serve as a barrier to sharing knowledge and putting learnings into practice. How you communicate key evaluation findings is important as this affects the impact and usefulness of your evaluation.

The VicHealth PVAW Concise Guide contains a Dissemination Strategy Worksheet that will help you define your key audience or stakeholders, tailored messages and dissemination method. Check with any partners that they are happy for evaluation findings to be shared broadly and tailor communications to different audiences.

Key tips for getting your findings out there:

  • Reporting

    Consider an executive summary alongside your report to communicate key processes, impacts, lessons learned and recommendations.

  • Promotion

    For example, host an event, promote online via email, social media or newsletters, and/or create postcards.

  • Presentations

    Present at conferences, events or webinars.

  • Writing

    Contribute an article to a blog or network bulletin.

  • Visualisations

    Use data visualisations, infographics or other visual methods of communication.