Who is INCEPT for?

INCEPT is for organisations, partnerships or individual practitioners:

  • Working in primary prevention of violence against women and/or gender equity.

  • New to evaluation or seeking simple evaluation tips that tailor information to different settings and/or target groups.

  • Seeking practical indicators, templates and tools to support monitoring and evaluation of short to medium term impacts.

  • Looking for methods or indicators that can be selected to support shared measurement frameworks.

Why use INCEPT?

There is limited local level guidance on how to apply population level indicators to PVAW practice. INCEPT is here to help close the gap by:

  • Aligning with national and statewide monitoring frameworks and strategies.

  • Providing suites of example indicators that can be used in different PVAW practice settings.

  • Providing tools and resources that can be used in conjunction with your organisation’s current evaluation practices.

  • Providing simple, summarised information with links to resources for further reading.

  • Providing practical templates and quick tips and traps.

What INCEPT doesn't do

  • INCEPT does not cover all aspects of evaluation practice in gender equity and PVAW - components may not be able to be used in every setting, target group or evaluation design. For example, projects on elder abuse or other forms of family violence are not explicitly covered.

  • INCEPT does not provide a data collection portal for shared data collection.