What is shared measurement?

Collective effort and shared measurement are elements of the Collective Impact Framework model, which was first described in the 2011 Stanford Social Innovation Review article Collective Impact (Kania & Kramer, 2011). A shared measurement system is a key condition for collective impact work.

The concept of collective impact hinges on the notion that in order for organisations to create lasting solutions to social problems they need to coordinate their efforts and work together on a clearly defined goal. Violence against women is an entrenched social condition that requires a collective effort from all sectors and all members of the community.

Defining measures of success and monitoring these measures in a consistent systematised way allows organisations to use a common set of measures to evaluate performance and track progress toward goals (Handley et al, 2016).

In the Inner North West catchment, regional women's health services play a backbone role in supporting shared data collection and providing shared measurement tools for prevention of violence against women and gender equity work.