Evaluation Criteria Table

While it is best practice in evaluation planning to have a logic model, you may have time or resource constraints that limit extensive planning. Depending on organisation requirements and/or those of the funding body, you may decide to include in your planning document an evaluation criteria table that will outline project objectives/activities, evaluation questions, indicators and data sources or collection methods. The benefit of this approach is that it needs less time and resources yet still provides a framework to consider the evaluation questions and indicators you might use. The drawback of this approach is that the evaluation criteria table does not provide a logical or graphical representation of the 'if -then' relationships depicted between inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes.

An evaluation criteria table may be an easier way to align project objectives or activities to identified SMART indicators (discussed further in Section 4: Tailored Indicator Sets) and can outline which data sources you will use to measure these indicators. We have created an evaluation criteria table template to get you started. You can choose to switch the "objectives" to "activities" in this table.